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Florida traffic school

D.A.T.A. Course

Course Description

Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness or D.A.T.A., is a course mandated by the state of Florida. It is a 4 hour FIRST TIME driver orientation course. Everyone who will be first time driver, such as students, or those who have never possessed a Drivers License in any other state or foreign country MUST complete this course or it’s equivalent to be eligible for a Driving Permit or Drivers License in Florida.

At TrafficSchool-FL.com our Online D.A.T.A. program takes pride in…

  • …teaching our students to understand how alcohol and other drugs will affect their driving and life in general
  • …teaching our students to understand the responsibility involved, and laws governing, the operation of any motor vehicle in the State of Florida
  • …teaching our students methods to better understand and use safe driving techniques
  • …teaching our students methods to increase driver & passenger awareness on our roadways

The effect of D.A.T.A. on future drivers of any age is critical. We stand firm in our commitment to provide each student with the knowledge and tools necessary to avoid becoming a part of tomorrow’s often tragic headline.

Upon successful completion of the D.A.T.A. class Online, each student will receive a certificate of completion thereby meeting the State of Florida Requirements.




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